What is ENERMHY?

ENERMHY is one of the 12 regional Innovation Cluster recognised by Regione Piemonte. The ENERMHY Cluster is a group of independent companies (small, medium and large companies), innovative start-up’s and research organisms active in the domain of renewable energy and mini-hydro technology.


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Joining ENERMHY has several benefits:

  • Economic: each year the most innovative projects proposed by some of its members are funded
  • Network: registering makes it possible to be part of a network which shares knowledge, information and competence in a large number of sectors.
  • Visibility: a whole section of the site is available to companies to make visible their logos, data, contacts and profiles.



How to take part

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To take part and benefit from the cluster activities simply register.

By registering all of the interested parties will become part of a structure which is oriented to the exchange of knowledge, information and experiences and in this way becoming part of a network of contacts and know-how sharing.

Measures and contributions

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The  regional support for companies associated with the cluster provide different types of annual aid and intermediate "calls for proposals" .

The co-funded actions through a grant can be projects, feasibility studies and services for research and innovation.